Creativity has always played a part in my life and since 1990 I have followed my passion for painting and design.

The creation of a large studio on our 10 acre lifestyle block has been the paradigm shift that has given me the opportunity to follow my passion full time.

Both my earlier figurative works and my later non-objective works have a strong emphasis on layering, texture, shape and pattern...concealing and revealing...embellishing and disguising.

My recent abstract work is focusing on a bolder use of colour, more eclectic design, line and markmaking. This has given a new sense of energy and vibrancy. I have moved into using a large range of mixed media materials together with an oil paint and cold wax medium mix and sometimes collage. This has created a greater diversity in surface texture and colour nuances, and is a constant source of stimulation and possibility.

I have a long-held interest in the relationship between everyday events and our responses to them and this has underscored much of my work. Threads that interweave and form the shape of our lives, coloured and shaped by our individual histories, determine our ‘free choice’ - the pathway we take to navigate the complexities that form. This theme still permeates my non-objective paintings in the tensions, connections and relationships between shapes, their links sometimes tenuous and sometimes strong. Colour ebbs and flows, stops abruptly and changes hue.

I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for taking the time to explore the journey I’m on.

A huge stimulus to my painting career came from Pamela Caughey, American artist and art teacher. She has empowered me with a wealth of information and encouragement and I am truly indebted to her generosity.


Margi working in the studio